4 asymmetrical trends for you to keep a balance in the next season!

4 asymmetrical trends for you to keep a balance in the next season! - Gcensa.com

Skirts and coats with an uneven hem, shirts with a diagonal fastening, one-sleeved dresses, sleeves of different lengths, flounces, prints... Even a small element of asymmetry makes your outfit look more interesting, emphasizes the beauty of your figure, and draws attention, making you look like that one and only lady.

Designers reinterpret the usual classic forms and offer their own versions of fantasy structures!

We've created a mini-guide to the trendiest asymmetrical styles from Spring/Summer 2022 collections!


Asymmetrical dresses can embody a wide variety of a woman’s character traits. 2022 fashion ideas surprise fashionistas with new cutting ideas (next season, they will be quite sophisticated), the unpredictability of the silhouette: asymmetric dresses can be delicate and flowing, or strictly laconic, despite the asymmetry.

New asymmetrical a-line dresses also look stunning: just take a look at this PASKAL sleeveless appliqued dress with asymmetrical hem!

Also, there are many interesting straight asymmetrical dress ideas in the new collections: the items with the asymmetrical upper part of the dress (bodice, sleeves), or Greek-style asymmetrical models.


The variety of cuts presented in the new collections is just striking: asymmetry is beautifully implemented in geometrically verified parts, exquisite layering, sharp changes in the forms of hem, diagonal or square cuts, and the use of a wavy edge. An asymmetrical wrap-around skirt seems to be the designers’ favorite in the next season!

Skirts with layered asymmetry are also an interesting ifashion design idea. When forming a style, the designers make the lower layer shorter than the upper one, cutting it obliquely. The top layer is sewn from translucent fabrics, or it can be created with lace, perforation, or fringe.

As for the color scheme, designers offer fashionistas cute monochromatic options (so as not to "overload" the image but to emphasize the complex cut), or vice versa — skirts with bright prints (classic checkered print or animalistic, predatory patterns).

You will find many interesting ideas in the collections of Heron Preston, Alessandra Rich, and Simon Miller.


A one-shoulder top allows you to open your neck, making it look longer and thinner, and also draws attention to the collarbones. Check out this asymmetrical knitted top by SOFIA LVOVNA: you can easily fit it into any look!

In the next season, designers offer a huge variety of asymmetrical tops, from the laconic Self-Portrait keyhole to the sexy Fashion East translucent top. Even fans of disco aesthetics will be able to find a top to their liking! For example, the metallic one-shoulder top with cascading ruffles by Isabel Marant!


Comfort is the main principle in creating tunics for the next fashion season. Designers eliminated almost any uncomfortable details, and now these tunics lead the charts of most comfortable fashion clothes!

The new collections include both simple models and those decorated with original elements. This allows tunics to become a universal piece of women's wardrobe 2022!

Designers use different techniques to create fashionable asymmetrical tunics: uneven hem, asymmetrical pleats, and draperies, asymmetrical top, contrasting asymmetric details, etc.

Interesting options for asymmetric tunics were presented by Givenchy, Lanvin, Christian Dior, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, and other fashion houses.

To create an ultra-trendy look, designers recommend wearing tunics with pants, silk scaves, loafers, massive earrings, and bracelets. You can find many stunning options in SANDRO, Chloé, and ELLIATT collections.