5 great ways to make your down jacket look even more fashionable!

5 great ways to make your down jacket look even more fashionable! - Gcensa.com

Soft and warm, down jackets are an inevitable winter fashion item. Although practicality and comfort come first, they can certainly form the basis of a great winter look. With the right accessories and the correct combination, they can help you create a chic look.

And while many people prefer to pair some modern Japanese brand sportswear or leggings with puffy jackets, the fact is that these warm and comfortable jackets look equally good with trousers, bright fashion accessories, and even skirts and dresses. In fact, the trendy down jacket itself can become a spectacular element of your look if you opt for a bright shade and a stunning silhouette.

Remember that there is no need to limit yourself to some ordinary styles while the weather is becoming colder! A down jacket doesn't have to be just comfortable, and now we will share with you the top 5 great ways to pair warm and soft items to create a chic and bold style!

Pair a down jacket with a skirt

Add a touch of romance to your down jacket by pairing it with a trendy midi skirt! It can be either a warm knitted model or, for example, this trendy red nylon skirt with envelope pocket by DHENZE.

On chilly days, wear knee-high boots: this is another hot Winter ’22 trend!

 Wear a belt

If you don’t like wide and shapeless down jackets, you can create a more elegant and sophisticated look, for example, by using a carbon fibre belt at the waist, which will perfectly give the necessary shape to your voluminous warm item.

In the new season, we can choose from a huge variety of designs such as Disc, Loop, Scarf, Triple Buckles, Fringe, Grommet, Studded, Necktie belts and others. Check out E.L.V. Denim, Asos, Mango, Isabel Marant, and Reiss’s latest collections to find your favorites!

Use contrasting silhouettes

The image looks especially good when you play with a combination of contrasting silhouettes. For example, if you have an oversized down jacket, wear it with tight pants or leggings, such as these cute “Candy” knitted trousers by SOFIA LVOVNA.

If you are wearing wide-leg pants, which are very popular this season, choose jackets with an accentuated waist or add a belt!

Opt for a monochrome style

Even the simplest combinations of basic items can look very elegant and chic if you choose the right colors!

Monochrome looks, that is, one color from head to toe is always a successful fashion solution! Do not worry if you can’t decide on the shade: opt for slightly different shades that always help to make your look more interesting.

When creating your trendy look, pay attention to some of the trendiest ’22 colors (Very Peri, Orchid Flower, Emerald Green, Spun Sugar, Gossamer Pink, Innuendo, Skydiver and Daffodil) looks!

Add bright details

Give your day-to-day combinations a distinctive and vibrant look by adding a bold bright fashion accessory like the famous Gucci Ophidia phone bag. Imagine those amazing looks you can create by simply adding this Candy Red Party Bag by MERCY X MANKIND NEW YORK to it!

Also, you can use a fashionable scarf with an interesting pattern. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for jackets of bold colors!