5 trendy 2002 bags you just can’t miss!

5 trendy 2002 bags you just can’t miss! - Gcensa.com

Today, fashion trends change faster and faster, but one thing remains the same: fashion moves in a spiral. The classic bags are being improved and they are complemented by fashionable bags with an absolutely new design.

The fall-winter 2021-2022 bag fashion trends acquire brand-new features: laconic bags, necklace bags, barrel bags, swank fur models and party accessories with exotic prints, chains and locks — let's plunge into this alluring world and try to predict the main trends of 2022!

Waist bags

The trend for waist accessories took root last year and it is here to stay. But this time, the classics will be replaced by various sets and complex combinations.

Soon we should expect that the belt bag will stop being a separate item, but will complement the belt decor and contain numerous pockets, chains and clasps.

But in the meantime, we can enjoy such minimalistic contemporary masterpieces as this “One hundred and thirty” bag by Ricardo Andrez!

Accordion or pleated handbags

Women's accordion-shaped bags are one of the most unusual newcomers in the fashion arena, which were shown by Gabriela Hearst and Y/Project.

The types of bags are completely different: they can look like huge accordions with a horizontal fold with a belt passing through it, or minimalistic and tiny bags with interesting color combinations.

Once you see these bags, you won’t be able to stop thinking about them!


This type of bag is one of the most fashionable. The backpack is a convenient choice because you can carry it in your hand or wear it on your back.

In the modern world, “c’ est just“ la nécessité ”! Depending on the choice, this little necessity will add a touch of charisma, romance, or toughness to your image, emphasize your individuality, or it can even become your best friend, as is the case with these cute “Power Bear” backpacks by creative Dearhumans' designers!

Party Bags

Just like fashion clothes, trendy bags from the latest collections show the mood of designers who are sick and tired of slippers, tracksuits and home clothes that are pretty comfortable, but not at all elegant…

So long live feathers and rhinestones, silk and shine of metal! Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli and Valentino encourage real fashionistas to get ready for the biggest party in their lives!

Crossbody bags

A crossbody bag is a small reticule with a long strap worn over the shoulder, approximately at the hip. A postman messenger, a nurse's bag, or an officer's tablet are considered its progenitors.

The traditional design that includes chain handle, metal lock and diamond pattern has undergone many changes, and countless combinations appeared.

Today, it is no longer enough to buy a simple cross-body handbag; to look stunning and trendy, you should hunt decorated, unusual bag models that will look equally good both with your favorite riss dress and a sports outfit.

Modern cross body bags are decorated with inserts of contrasting textures, fur, pompoms, fringe, patent or perforated leather. This “How can a view become so twisted” wool & mohair bag by Vladyslav Slobodskoy (one of the most-wanted young fashion designers from Ukraine) is a vivid example of a creative approach to making such handbags!