5 young Ukrainian fashion designers you will want to follow

5 young Ukrainian fashion designers you will want to follow - Gcensa.com

Analyzing the changes in the global fashion industry, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we see that 2020 and 2021 have become years of testing and experimentation for the fashion community of Ukraine.

Every year, the eveolution of Ukrainian designers attracts more and more attention in the world. Many young talented designers from this country managed to win Hollywood stars’ hearts. Of course, Ukrainian Fashion Week played a great role in the formation of the Ukrainian fashion industry.

Check out these 5 top young Ukrainian designers that you will want to follow!

Anna Grove

Anna Grove’s collections beautifully combine elegance and principles of safety. Reflective elements have become a new aesthetic of the designer's exquisite images, and yellow, blue and red have become the main colors of the latest collection.

The main characters of Anna Gayeva’s show are coats with a soft shoulder line and voluminous accent sleeves. Each image is complemented by reflective details that play with the evening light, as well as handmade shoes and bags.

Sofia Lvovna

This brand is a sort of designer’s materialized love confasion to herself and a story of body positivity. “Love is the only true thing we have”, says the designer.

 Translucent knitted dresses, mini-skirts with candid slits, micro shorts, and short jackets are the perfect manifestation of her "minimum clothing, maximum body" approach. Knitwear is the basis of the latest collection ("very light, sexy, and airy").

Restrained silhouettes contrast with candid necklines, strict skirt suits look amazing in combination with translucent dresses. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk, provide maximum comfort.


Not sharing work and personal life, existing in the flow, and enjoying every minute is the Offwork’s motto.

England in the 80's (namely, the "Crown" series) became the inspiration for the brand's new collection. Lady Di’s flowing dresses, voluminous accentuated shoulders, and puffed sleeves that resemble the architecture elements of the Tower Bridge create a mood, which is embedded in the DNA of the brand.


Creating her collection of eco-leather, the designer Maria Bogdanovskaya was inspired by bodybuilders, whose natural beauty encouraged great artists in creating their masterpieces. There are both moderately nude fragments and classic closed silhouettes in the images of her latest fashion collection.


In their collections, Mashat rethinks the concept of everyday clothes and creates "elegant" outfits for everyday looks.

Designers dedicate the collection to current socio-cultural topics and ethiquette — from mental health and free love to immigration and inclusive issues. 

In their latest collection, they used non-functioning wires to create spiral accessories and collection details. For example, you can find spiral motifs in the details of the jacket and turtleneck. The designers also created a spiral print, which was used to decorate jeans, a men's sweater dress, and a translucent quilted blouse.