6 ideas for your perfect multi-layered look 2022

6 ideas for your perfect multi-layered look 2022 - Gcensa.com

Being relevant right now, multilayered style is one of the most fascinating trends of the next fashion season. You can see it in recent Fashion Week shows, on the catwalk, and everywhere on the streets!

What's more, autumn, winter, and spring are the perfect times of the year to enjoy multi-layered looks. It is time to create unique styles, combine different textures, experiment with colors!

Now we will share with you some proven tips on how to create a stunning multi-layered look right, so that the layers don't add volume and make you look like a cabbage, but help you turn into a street style star!

Embrace trendy vests

Next season, sleeveless sweaters, or vests will be on the top of the trend!

The vest goes best with loose shirts with bulky sleeves. Opt for a plain vest or a trendy plaid print option and pair it with a classic white blouse and fashionable leather trousers.

Also, it’s a good idea to opt for branded vests with an original, defiant pattern — such as, for example, this mega-popular jacquard knitted vest with heart by Vladyslav Slobodskoy, a rising Ukrainian fashion star.

Play with trendy outerwear

Pairing a cute plush bomber jacket or an elongated pea coat over your new sweatshirt is the hot 2022 streetwear trend that is a perfect option for your day-to-day outfit. Complement the look with loose jeans or your favorite trainers.

When it’s freezing outside, you can wear two jackets: put a lighter one (such as a denim jacket) underneath, and add a trench or coat. This will help you create a very stylish and unique multi-layered look!

Search for stunning 2022 trench coats in Balenciaga, Thebe Magugu, Alexander McQueen, and Burberry’s collections.

Try multi-layered looks combining shirt with sweater

Wearing sweaters over a classy shirt with checkered print or a monochrome button-down shirt will be one of the hottest tomorrow’s trends. This look will become a perfect option for long days at work or fun weekend. It helps to effectively combine classy sophistication and a cute simplicity.

This technique will be the best option if you’re a newbie in creating multilayered looks, because you likely already have these items in your wardrobe.

If you like casual or bright looks that turn heads, then opt for this ERA EU Sweater!

Wear a t-shirt over a turtleneck

For a funky, cool look, wear a chunky Tie Dye print over your basic golf. Then, tuck it into your jeans, put on a fashionable denim jacket and complement your multi-layered look with trendy accessories such as a leather belt and an eye-catching gold chain!

Find great inexpensive tees in H&M, Gucci, Zara, and Tommy Hilfiger’s collections.

Get creative with prints

Don’t; be afraid to test patterns and various fabrics to find the trendiest multi-layered option! Grab a fashionable printed jacket or blazer like this NASTVAI jacket purple widow and wear it over a comfy monochrome jersey, add a plaid skirt, and try playing with colors!

Mixing fabrics and hottest colors will help you easily craft stylish and chic looks.

Mix several styles

The mixture of various, even contradictory styles in one look is becoming extremely popular now. Pick the trendy casual T-shirt along with your favorite jeans and pair them with a fashionable tailored blazer. This way, you can effortlessly turn your everyday outfit into a hot unique look!

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