Disproportion as a 2022 fashion trend

Disproportion as a 2022 fashion trend - Gcensa.com

In the traditional sense, clothing is created in accordance with the proportions of the human body. But today, designers experiment with the imbalance that becomes an expressive technique to create unique fashionable looks!

The trends for Disproportion and Asymmetry are based on two main approaches: the violation of the principle of balance (asymmetry) and the proportionality of clothing to the figure (oversize).

Now we will share with you the hottest trends of the next fashion season 2022 and show the most striking examples!


     1. Disproportion and Asymmetry

Asymmetry is a striking and trendy technique, based on combining opposite proportions of different parts and details (such as seams and trimmings) of clothing. In this case, the details are arranged asymmetrically to each other.

The designer can also emphasize the asymmetry by combining different textures and colors. You can also kepp your look asymmetric with uneven pleats and frills, one-shoulder wrap, and double-breasted closure.

                1.2. Length contrast

Combining different lengths (for example, mini on the right, maxi on the left) creates an unusual, grotesque silhouette!

Find more examples in Ji Oh, DKNY, and A.F. Vandevorst collections.

                1.3. One-sleeve cut

The single sleeve cut is an example of the disproportionate asymmetry that you can often meet in the next fashion season's collections. You will love this style! Take a look at this DHENZE deconstructed one-sleeve shirt dress with a half jacket!

Find more examples in Aquilano.Rimondi, Baja East, and Jacquemus collections.

     2. Extra long-sleeves

The oversize principle applies to various details of clothing, too. For example, such details as super-long sleeves are appearing in almost every next season’s collection.

Ricardo Andrez’s “One hundred twenty euros” with extra-long sleeves and a perple collar is the perfect example of this trend!

Find more examples in Dondup, Beaufille, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors Collection, and Off-White collections.

     3. Super oversize

A whole enchalon of modern fashion brands are into this cool trend!

A huge shirt that you can wear as a dress is a striking example of the super-oversized trend. It is a good idea to combine such items with similar things from the XXL category, such as palazzo trousers, wide culottes, or elongated baggy shorts.

This season, we recommend you pay special attention to the following clothes and clothing details.

                3.1. Padded coats and jackets

Thanks to the use of bulky heaters and stitches, we can enjoy oversized coats and jackets that are several times bigger than us!

Find more examples in Balenciaga, Marques Almeida, and Yeezy collections.

                3.2. Oversized trousers

Baggy trousers, as if they belong to a fairy tale giantess, are a must-have of your new season’s wardrobe. This fashion item became one of the next season’s main trends that captivated many fashion editors and made celebs forget about their beloved skinny pants.

Such trousers look especially good with big but short bomber jackets and tight sweaters.

Find more examples in Christian Wijnants, DKNY, and Proenza Schouler collections.

     4. Hyper feminine silhouette

The exaggerated difference between a narrow waist and rounded hips formed the basis for hyper-feminine, guitar-like silhouettes in fashion. Such items as, for example, this “LAWYER” dress by 404NOTFOUND will become the hottest trend in the next season.  

Find more examples in Celine, Delpozo, and Balenciaga collections.