Top 4 rising fashion stars

Top 4 rising fashion stars -

Every year, new interesting personas are appearing in the Fashion Arena. The clothes they create are adored both by celebrities and fashion influencers; nonetheless, we sometimes don’t even know their names!

Here we want to show you our selection of top 4 rising fashion stars: from David Koma, the designer of Georgian origin to Khaite, the American brand, which made knitwear come back into fashion and came up with a new concept of "bradigan".

David Koma

David Koma, the founder of the Fashion House defines his brand as "a British brand created by a designer with Georgian roots who spent an important part of his life in St. Petersburg".

From 2014 to 2017, desigen was working as the creative director of Thierry Mugler. His “sculptural” dresses, feminine and modern silhouettes made him recognizable and even popular. The designer often receives orders from such world-famous stars as Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez that ask him to create unique looks for significant events.


The exclusive combination of the picturesque counterculture of electronic music, original fetish clubs, and a dark color palette has become pillars of the brand since its appearance in the international arena.

Mastering the art of pattern making and gaining invaluable experience in managing fashion events and shootings, Dhenze seeks to cover the need for quality and luxury fashion. He makes full use of memorable patterns, unique shapes, and, of course, a dark color palette to take a rightful place on the fashion avant-garde stage.

The brand offers many off-season, minimalist, and gender-neutral looks.

Vladislav Slobodskoy

Vlad literally “grew up” on the collections of Stefan Cooke, Namacheko, Balenciaga, Yuji Yamada, Dior, Hermès, a1923, Carol Christian Poell, Rickowens, Maison Margiela. After having a good look around, he decided to try to come up with something of his own, since there were very few really interesting ideas at that time.

The дизайнер loves experimenting with knitted garments. One of his most outstanding works is the famous jacquard knitted vest with heartthat attracted the attention of Manu Rios, a Spanish actor, a model, and a star of “Élite”, the popular teen web series that was highly praised by critics. Another astounding young designer’s creation that draws attention is a sweater with a defiant inscription “Cum In My Heart”.


Khaite is a symbol of comfort, minimalism, and timeless wardrobe. Knitwear, topical this season, is the trademark of the brand. In addition, Khaite is famous for the perfect fit jeans and romantic dresses.

In the 21st century, it is not easy for designers to come up with a product or style that would attract with its novelty. But KHAITE nailed it! This is a "bradigan" — a set of cashmere bra and cardigan that best illustrates femininity in the context of KHAITE. It was the real tooche for the entire fashion at that time.

Katie Holmes was the first one who dared to wear a bra and a cardigan. She opted for a dirty beige cashmere set. After that, all positions were instantly sold out.