Top 5 Boldest fashion designers 2021

Top 5 Boldest fashion designers 2021 -

2020 was not an easy year for many famous designers, but we also witnessed a surge of new talent. From recent graduates of Central Saint Martins to winners of competitions and reality shows — we meet many young and bold designers who have already left a mark in the fashion industry!


The Russian brand Vereja creates asymmetrical knitted sweaters and dresses with many layers, untreated edges and fringe of threads. They look like futuristic costumes as if made by the hands of folk artists… However, almost all clothes are made by one person, Igor' Andreyev in his stuudio!

“I have been thinking about how to make everyone who wears my clothes feel comfortable. That's why I came up with different options for how to cover their face”, says the founder, “these outfits speak for themselves — they are very bright, flashy, and sometimes even provocative”.

Ricardo Andrez

The designer graduated from Cooperativa Arvore and Citex (School of textiles and design) in Oporto, and established his own label in 2006, with a focus on men's fashion. Since then, Ricardo reinterpreted streetwear and sportswear, creating the colorful universe.

Ricardo presented his works at Barcelona Fashion Week, Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, and ModaFad, joined the official calendar of ModaLisboa, and was awarded with PasaFad Best Collection, ModaFad/Book Barcelona, the "Silver Shoe" MMM Munich Boqueria, as well as the "Best Breakthrough Designer — Man09" prize.

Andrea Brocca

By the age of 16, Brock had graduated from the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and Central Saint Martin’s in London and entered the Guinness Book of Records as "the youngest couturier" in the world. Today, he dresses the stars of the scale of Lady Gaga and British singer Rina Savayama.

All the label's masterpieces are made of recycled materials: silk moire, organza, and eco-leather, and my sketchbook is all equations instead of sketches — that's how I calculate the cut", says the designer.

Zoran Dobric

The designer's collections open the world to his creative expression. Zoran's designs originated at the London College of Fashion in GB and the Marangoni Institute in Milan, influencing his approach to fashion as fine art. Using fashion as his artistic expression, Zoran creates original textiles combined with artisanal techniques.

His work has been repeatedly illustrated in famous fashion magazines and books in the USA, GB, Germany, Japan, France, Kuwait, China, Canada, and exhibitions have been held in New York, London, Paris, and Kuwait.

Robert Wun

Many celebrities (including Solange, Lady Gaga, Cardi Bee, and Celine Dion) have fallen in love with Wun for his ingenious, unobvious silhouettes that glorify the female image.

Here is what the designer says about the production process, the cut, and his clothes expression: “for me, the fabric is visually similar to metal, and I wanted to create the illusion of armor. A soft fold passes through the armor, turning into the shape of a swallow's tail — a symbol of the union of strength and something as light as this bird”.