Top 5 trendy ’22 clothes and how to wear them right!

Top 5 trendy ’22 clothes and how to wear them right! -

Summing up everything we’ve seen at the past Fashion Weeks, we can conclude that the next fashion season will be a logical continuation of the current one. We will keep on relying on “color therapy”, wear mini and maxi skirts, put on quilted jackets and heavy pants, show off in trendy catsuits and wrap ourselves in raw denim, trying to wipe out unpleasant memories of the trying times of lockdown.

Now we will show you the main trends of 2022 and give you some crucial tips on how to wear them right!

Raw denim

Denim is in trend every season, but in the ‘22 collections, brands are betting on raw denim. The "Canadian tuxedo" (total denim look in dark blue) will be the best solution for the upcoming season. Ottolinger, Bevza and Hermes have presented many interesting trendy options.

Check out these tips on how to wear various jeans:

  • pair mom jeans and boyfriends with oversized shirts and jackets, complement the look with denim accessories and shoes;
  • choose colored jeans such as solid pink, yellow, green models;
  • combine jeans with patches with a simple cut and monochrome clothes;
  • such interesting models as these DHENZE denim trousers with split skirt panel go well with a fashionable bomber jacket and military boots!


Catsuits came into fashion relatively recently, but this season, the world's leading designers have shown several interesting varieties of this piece of clothing.

  Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada, Emilia Wickstead, Dolce & Gabbana and Kenzo offer masterpieces from mesh, lace, wool, or knitwear, and this is where we’ll cross our paths in the coming season!

How to wear catsuits in 2022:

  • as an independent thing;
  • with a jacket;
  • with the blazer;
  • with a cardigan;
  • use as a “second skin” and wear skirts, jackets, shirts, and dresses over it.

Quilted outerwear

It seems like literally every cloth is becoming quilted in the next season (some designers have even offered variations of quilted jumpers and sweatshirts, trousers and skirts). But this fashion especially affected outerwear: leather jackets, bombers, trench coats, coats, down jackets with classic horizontal lines, rhombuses (with sharp or soft corners), checkered prints and a combination of different shapes.

 To create stunning looks in 2022, you should opt for basic colors (check out Dior and Max Mara collections), or go for pastel shades (find at Emilio Pucci’s):

  • fashion influencers suggest combining bombers with jeans, trousers, and skirts;
  • you can pair elongated quilted jackets with clothes of any style, but designers suggest paying special attention to a duet with high boots. For example, imagine how elegant this MERCY X MANKIND NEW YORK Neoprene "Sombra" Jacket will look paired with trendy boots from the latest Elisabetta Franchi’s collection;
  • cropped quilted jackets look beautiful with autumn dresses, tote bags and chunky shoes.

Leather clothes

Trendy leather items made both from natural and eco-leather are the unconditional trend of the '22 season! Here are some tips for your perfect leather looks:

  • complement the leather trapeze dress with court shoes and a small handbag;
  • create a stunning romantic look using leather midi skirts of unusual shades or pastel colors;
  • an original cut with amazing decor will help integrate leather blouses into a romantic, business, or casual look, and shirts made of black or brown leather will complement universal outfits with trousers or jeans.

Maxi skirts

We sing the praises of long skirts all season long, and now we are very happy that they are here to stay for the spring-summer 2022 season. Pair them with vests worn next to the skin, open tops, or tight buttoned shirts — the choice is yours!

Check out these tips on styling trendy maxis:

  • fashionable long skirts go well with crop tops, sports T-shirts, delicate blouses and classic shirts;
  • trendy pleated skirts, such as this RED skirt by 404NOTFOUND look perfect with shoes with low and high heels (comfortable sandals, spectacular shoes, beautiful and practical pumps);
  • designers even suggest combining your maxi skirt with sneakers and trendy streetwear crewnecks for creating unique looks!