Top 6 branded clothes for creating your alternative look!

Top 6 branded clothes for creating your alternative look! -

Alternative fashion is an interesting phenomenon that brings together all the original styles that go beyond the generally accepted ones.

We can affirm with certainty that alter style is a fashion for those who have something to say. Fashion for the brave ones... And every year, there are more and more of these brave guys!

Inventing a unique look is a creative process. You can take two items of look. The main thing is to know what item you should mix!

If you feel like you’re lacking ideas for self-expression, check out these alternative fashion 2021-2022 clothes you can use to create your perfect look!

Nastvai, Jacket Alpha

It seems like jacket Alpha by Nastvai is designed to stand out from the crowd, instantly grab attention and make a statement without saying a word!

Splashes of paint, old photographs, fur that look like it was taken from a royal coat, leopard inserts, chains and pendants, badges — the print on this jacket is truly mesmerizing!

Off-White, Blazer (x Pablo Tomek)

This black wool-blend blazer is part of the Fall/Winter Off-White collection.

The elegant, belted silhouette is unexpectedly combined with the graffiti print created for Off-White by the well-known French artist Pablo Tomek.

Fifthdimensions, Apple Suit

Do you like the delicate color of this suit too?! Besides the fact that it looks very beautiful and stylish, it is completely made from linen, an environmentally friendly, delicate, and light fabric with a beautiful and original texture and a matte finish with a muted, barely noticeable shine.

The Apple Suit with a loose fit can be easily adjusted to your figure using the belt on the back. The front of the jacket has only one lapel, which gives it a stylish asymmetrical look. The back of the jacket is made with two fabric sections; the front side has two buttons at the waist — one on the outside and another one on the inside.

SHEIN, Notched Collar Figure Graphic Blazer

This crisp white long-sleeved blazer is sure to make everyone turn heads when you walk by!

All over blac print is made in the form of abstract people's faces. The neutral style of the jacket allows you to pair it with a wide variety of items — from dress pants to fitted sports bras and shorts!

Vladyslav Slobodskoy, Jacquard Knitted Vest With Heart

This Jacquard Vest has already gained immense popularity among the fans of this young brand and far beyond it!

A huge heart is carved in the center of the vest, with blood-red vessels branching off from it. The soft wool makes this vest extremely comfortable to wear.

FLOJO, Asymmetrical One-Leg Leggings

If you love leggings but are looking for something that looks extremely extraordinary and hypersexed, then these asymmetrical one-leg leggings is just what you were looking for!

Baby blue shade looks amazingly tender and perfectly combines with almost any color you can wear; ruffles give these leggings an even tenderer look, making them the perfect choice for such a stylish girl like you!