“Don't be into trends. Don't let fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live”. Gianni Versace

Hi! We’re Gcensa, the multi-brand online store and we’ve committed ourselves to get the selected next-generation fashion brands in one place, as well as their potential customers —  those who strive for new ideas and looks and understand that they should go their own way to stand out and be remembered!

Today, we managed to fill our catalog with the creations of independent, fascinating, and promising young fashion designers everyone would soon talk about. Meet Helen Anthony (London, participant of London Fashion week), Dhenze (London), Ricardo Andrez (Porto, participant of Lisboa fashion week), Vladyslav Slobodskoy (Kyiv), Paskal (Odessa), and many more talented guys!

“Looking at my young employees, friends, and even my children, I discovered that they all share a common interest, being fascinated with unique clothing and creations of little-known, but very talented designers.

Yes, many of these young masters lack a systematic approach to presenting their work and successfully selling it, just like many buyers today lack a clear communication system with unique brands and a convenient shopping platform. Such a place would be interesting for everyone, giving designers a chance to gain recognition, and well as give an opportunity to buyers to go beyond the Instagram browsing routine in search of new looks and get a huge choice on a single website.

This is how Gcensa, an online fashion environment where a buyer and a designer can easily meet each other appeared”, — the founder and owner of the Gcensa online store.

Come with us if you need to grab a breath of fresh air, get some ideas for brand-new looks to honestly express yourself! Burn brightly, inspire others, be yourself, be unique, be a leader!

Your reasons to like us:

  • the most outstanding young brands gathered in one place;
  • simple and convenient shopping;
  • trading worldwide;
  • affordable prices.