Bell Pod Necklace

Bell Pod Necklace

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This statement necklace is totally inspired by nature and is handcrafted in North West Tasmania into a unique piece of wearable art.

Almost like a gum nut or flower pod, I have finished this in a hardened black/grey marbled glossy finish that is completely breathtaking.

Attached to a simple strand of premium rolled silk held together with the tiniest of stitching,  that can be tied to your desired length.


approximate pendant length: 3 cm - width: 2 cm 

Necklace length: approximately 50cm 

NOTE: please note that each item is made to order and thus every piece will be completely unique as nature intended - I am more that happy to send pictures prior to sending your item.



Do not submerge, or expose to perfumes/chemicals, and clean with a soft dry cloth. While considered strong, you new piece of wearable art can still be considered delicate and will require your tender loving care to ensure longevity.