Fifthdimensions - Jackets - Blue suit -
Fifthdimensions - Jackets - Blue suit -
Fifthdimensions - Jackets - Blue suit -

Blue suit

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Sky blue Suit with shortened jacket and asymmetrical skirt. Jacket has massive shoulders and rectangular lapels in a larger size than is customary to the eye.

Zipper on the transparent buttons on the front. Stitching delicately blue color on the cuffs with four transparent buttons.

This skirt is asymmetrical, on the left side it is long and on the right side it is short. This skirt has two semicircles sewn on the side of leg which are joined in parallel corners. there are transparent buttons with sky blue color stitching on skirt. The costume has stitches to create deception in form of - torn.

Medium density material, opaque on the body and translucent, soft, pleasant to the touch. In folds and folds does not have significant shaping, lays down plastically.

Creasing is practically not observed. The material is not elastic, but there is a slight elasticity.

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