The Vintage Collection Necklace Series…

The Vintage Collection Necklace Series…

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This statement necklace is crafted from all sorts of incredible finds.
All of those hours I have spent trawling antique shops and stores full of interesting bric-a-brac have finally morphed into these beautiful ‘Neck-mess’ pieces.

While the entire neck-mess comes as a one piece, it can be easily separated and customised into seperate pieces (silk/chain.)

Beautifully organic and rustic, this upsized charm bracelet includes:


-Fine Silver (999)

-Stainless Steel

-Chandelier Crystals

-Glass Beads

-Recycled hand dyed sari silk

-Studio Koak crafted pendants aluminium

-antique mother of pearl chips 

-gemstones onyx and moon beads 




  • Total length of necklace - approximately 55 cm